4 Facts About the TABC License

If you plan to sale or serve beer or alcohol anywhere in the state of Texas, you will need a license granting permission to do so. The TABC licensing scheme is designed to keep citizens and businesses safe when alcohol is involved. To acquire the license, you must take a test and pass it, as well as pay a fee. Here are four facts about the test that you might be interested to know.

1- Online Studies

A test is required before a license is granted. The test ensures that you are knowledgeable enough to safely serve and sale alcohol. The tests give an inside glimpse into what you can expect and provide many people with assurance.

TABC licensing

2- Age Limits

Anyone who wishes to attain the license can do so, granted they are 21-years of age or older and pass the test that is required to take to get the license. This is also the legal drinking age for those who live in the great state of Texas.

3- A Transfer

Maybe you’ve already received a license from another state that granted you permission to sale and serve alcoholic beverages in that state. If so, you can transfer the license to Texas and avoid many of the headaches and frustrations.

4- Time Restraints

Once you complete an application requesting a TABC license, expect to wait. It takes an average of 45 to 90 days to get the license and be able to legally serve and sale alcoholic beverages. It is important that you apply for the license well ahead of the time that you will need it to sale alcoholic beverages.

Earning the license is the first step in a brand new future. What are you waiting for? It is time to get your license and get to business.