After Your Hormone Replacement Consultation, Sermorelin May Be Recommended


In fact, not only will it be recommended, it will in all probability be prescribed. Because Sermorelin’s use needs to be used under the close supervision of a qualified medical practitioner.

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Sermorelin acetate, to use its full name (also known by its chemical compound as GRH 1 29 NH2, as well as GHRH), is essentially a synthetic hormone. It was discovered way back during the nineteen seventies. It has been approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration. Those who suffer from acute hormonal deficiencies will after a full hrt consultation learn in full what sermorelin is specifically designed to do and what its symptomatic benefits entail. Such explanations will come from the qualified medical practitioner who will be prescribing the drug.

But of course, over and above the initial hrt (hormone replacement therapy), more than enough (qualified) information exists online. Curious readers will no doubt wish to know what this approved drug’s benefits hold for its user. Let’s run through these quickly. While specifically targeting human hormonal growth, the drug will help reduce excess body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. It will thus produce more energy in the body.

And it will also help improve on its libido while helping the body produce more energy. Sleep patterns are improved and the body’s ability to better manage its immune system is also improved. Scientific research has also revealed that this drug is able to reverse the typical symptoms of ageing. Interestingly, the human body’s natural ability to regulate the production of growth hormones diminishes the possibility of patients suffering from a clinical overdose of sermorelin use.

Nevertheless, the safe and effective use of sermorelin or GHRH still needs to be prescribed and monitored by a qualified medical practitioner.