Men and Sexual Health

Men get a bad rap for having sexual problems. There is some idea that only men get sexual problems and this is because the identification of sexual ability for a man are the erections he has. After all, that is during sexual arousal and very hard to miss. Many men do start to have problems gaining an erection at some point in their lives. It is considered normal with older age, but the reality is there are generally underlying causes which need to be addressed.

reclaim sexual health

For some cases of erectile dysfunction, there is no apparent cause, even after looking at all lab work and a thorough physical exam. In this case, there are also treatments that can help until the cause is identified. In fact, you can reclaim sexual health by visiting a good men’s clinic. There, you can feel comfortable confiding in the doctors exactly what is going on. Much as women feel more comfortable in a women’s clinic, men are more comfortable in a men’s clinic.

This is because the topic is sensitive for both genders. Men will find out something interesting they may not have known before. Low testosterone levels can actually contribute to and cause erectile dysfunction. It will also cause, depression, mood swings, irritability, lack of energy, sleep problems, and concentration issues to name a few. Men depend on normal testosterone levels to be fully functional, both sexually and mentally.

Testosterone is so important to male health that low levels are consistent with heart disease and vascular problems. As it turns out, erectile dysfunction can be a circulatory problem as well. This is why certain medications can work for erectile dysfunction and increase blood flow to the penis. While you are at the clinic, ask all the questions you want and discuss treatment options clearly with your doctor.