Using a New Approach to Physical Therapy

Nobody likes to get injured, especially if the injury is severe. It puts you out of work and into pain. Sure, the TV shows may be entertaining while you are laying in a hospital bed, but that is about where the fun stops. Unfortunately, healing is not a vacation. It takes time and some effort to get better. When your movements have been compromised by the injuries or surgeries you have had, part of the recovery is going to be physical therapy.

Athletic physical therapy

Good physical therapists have a serious job to do. When they work with you to achieve the best strength, flexibility, and range of motion, they are aiming to get you as close to normal as possible if not completely back to normal. They think of this as a duty and a kindness to their patients. Regardless, many people dread going to therapy. This could be due to the discomfort involved or maybe it is just that it is annoying and boring.

Athletic physical therapy is one solution that makes sense. In this case, the registered, licensed physical therapists take the therapy to a new level. You are nurtured into the therapy at progressive levels using some fun and functional healing exercises for strength and flexibility. An ordinary, boring and uncomfortable effort becomes an enjoyable task. You will even learn good exercise techniques to maintain your recovery.

Most insurance companies do cover this type of physical therapy just as they would any other. Be sure to ask your doctor and insurance company about this option. It is a much more lively and fun way to get better again. With some good feelings added to your physical therapy experience, your body will continue providing a reward factor even when you are exercising outside of the therapy room.